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  • You can mix one-tablespoon cranberry sauce juice with two tablespoons Vaseline for a delicious home made lip balm.
  • Apply the juice of lemon skin for avoiding black colour of lips
  • Massage your lips with corianderleaf juice for soft and rosy lips

  • Lips go through a bad time during cold and dry months. They have a real tough time coping with the worst climatic conditions. Dry chapped lips, which are the result of lack of moisture in the skin, lead to embarrassment and frustration. It is here that lip balms come to rescue

  • Lip gloss not just lends a moisturizing effect to your lips, but also makes it appear luscious. It is one among the various cosmetic products that women use to adorn themselves. It brings about a major change in the way your lips look. To cater to the varying needs of customers, there is a multitude of lip glosses offered in the market.
  • In the present era, people are becoming extremely conscious about their looks. The desire to look beautiful and attractive is so deeply rooted in people, especially women that they are resorting to almost every possible procedure that enhances their beauty. Lip augmentation surgery is increasingly gaining popularity, as it helps a great deal in making the lips appear attractive. 
  • When it comes to body care, lips are usually deprived of pampering and nourishment. Since lips are the most visible part of the human body, they truly deserve special attention. When the lips lose their moisture, they become chapped and dry. ------
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